Selling houses onnnnnMost Estate agents are now on Social Media and if they’re not, you could be missing out on the increased exposure your property has online.

Does social media help sell a property? Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok, Whatsapp, selling houses on Facebook

Estate Agents are using social media such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram more and more to help get their clients property sold. Some agents have been using these platforms for a few years now and since the Pandemic in 2020, the social media platform has gone from strength to strength. Most agents are now on social media and if they’re not, you could be missing out on the increased exposure your property has online! Please see below a list of positive effects social media has on the industry and why you should check if your property is being marketed to these platforms. You can see what can be achieved from the power of social media.

  • Increased visibility

Estate agents and property listings can reach a much broader audience through social media platforms, allowing them to showcase properties to a larger and more diverse audience. This confirms that selling houses on Facebook works!

  • Marketing & advertising

Estate agents can use social media for targeted advertising, creating visually appealing content to showcase properties. This can include virtual tours/viewings, high quality photographs and videos that can provide a more immersive experience for potential buyers.

  • Engagement and interaction

Social media platforms can help with direct communication between Estate Agency professionals and potential clients. This engagement can include answering questions, providing additional information and addressing any concerns in real time.

  • Community building

Estate agents can use social media to build a community around their agency or brand. This can help to establish trust and credibility, making it more likely for potential buyers and sellers to chose a particular agent.

  • Market trends and insights

Social media provides a platform for sharing and discussing market trends, insights and property market news. This can be valuable for both Agents and consumers looking to stay informed about the property market. 


Selling houses on Facebook and Instagram tend to be the most successful platforms for social media content. One thing that Estate Agents are able to do is “boost” your property post online which in turn increases the exposure and the amount of people that look at the post. In turn allows more engagement and contact and ultimately more viewings. These boosts can also be edited to suit the needs of each client and targeted to specific audiences location and age range for example. These ads are more likely to appear in the news feeds of the targeted audience which can lead to more likes, comments and shares. 

An Instagram reel can also be a fantastic way for selling houses on Facebook by capturing the attention of potential buyers. Reels can be added with information about your property. Eg a short clip of each room which means a virtual viewing can be achieved by anyone who shows an interest in your home. The Estate Agent can also interact with anyone looking at these reels by answering any questions, responding to comments or use interactive features like polls or quizzes. 

Here at W. T. Parker, we advertise through social media posts also which include selling houses on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, Youtube and Whatsapp. New posts are added daily which helps us proactively sell your property including promoting local businesses in and around Chesterfield. These platforms also allow us as Agents to offer free advice to you on all things property. This advice increases our brand awareness and in turn increases the amount of people looking for a property to buy on our social media platforms. A good example of the power of social media would be the figures we have received from a property which we are advertising on the normal website portals. Rightmove suggests that on average this property was achieving around 140 views a day. With Facebook and Instagram the reach of one post was nearly 10,000 and more people got in touch from the Facebook ad than Rightmove. 

It really is a fantastic way to help get properties sold and every agent should be using these platforms. They are free and easy to set up and facilitate in the sale or rent of property, land and commercial units. This is a great way of selling houses on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you would like to speak to our agents in a little more detail regarding social media marketing and selling houses on Facebook etc then please give W. T. Parker a call. We can help you sell, buy or rent your property quickly so contact us or come into the office to have a chat so we can get you moving.

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