Are you starting a new build house project? Here is an important lesson to learn when you begin.

Building your own house can be an outstanding achievement if you know the process and understand what’s involved. However, frustrations can quickly occur when things don’t go according to plan; but, you can achieve anything with the right team and people behind your home building project, providing they are communicating correctly throughout the process.

Firstly you’ve got to find the land where you want to build your new house. There are many places on the internet where you can look for suitable land. We will assume that you’ve already got your plot, and you’re good to go for this blog post.

One of the first things you need to consider is where you will put the building, and the best person for that is your architect, chartered surveyor and architectural technician. 

Your architect, chartered surveyor and architectural technician are your team, the innovators, the designers, and they know the insights to make your new build house project a success. They understand how your newly built house is going to be constructed. They will map out every dimension, the width of doors and the pitch of a roof. They are the people you need who have the necessary training and skill to design your property. 

As with any construction project, people make the team structure. The team behind your project will often be separate professionals of different disciplines required to bring the project together. If the people in the project are not communicating with each other, the project is doomed to fail. With any team process, a team has to work together. If we look at football or any other sport, the best teams are the ones that work together and play for each other, using their individual skills together as a whole to work towards a common objective. 

A vital lesson to consider throughout building your own house is that an architect, designer, structural engineer, chartered surveyor and project manager should communicate with each other, share knowledge, and keep each other informed to ensure the best interest of the project. Therefore the individuals must work for each other regardless of their level of experience. 

With some of our own projects, we have to become a teacher, bringing the client along with us, explaining to them why we are doing what we’re doing, and telling them what the next stage of the project is. We keep clients informed and highlight to them any key issues that are critical for the project success. Regardless of the project that we undertake, we mentor individuals within the project team who lack the necessary skills to understand the overall project mechanism and function, sharing our expertise and working towards that common goal, your successful new build home.

Chartered surveyors for your new build house

Norton Highfield Limited Chartered Surveyors work with people across the architectural and construction industry. Some have exceptional knowledge, and we are eager to part our ability to bring those with less knowledge along with us. We combine this element of work with our project management, architectural, and visualisation services. 

Our building surveying, project management and architectural services are beneficial for clients in many ways. Our methodology is about ensuring you understand the project to the same level as our professionals. We impart the information in a non-technical way so that you can understand it, with communication being key. 

Our services include

  • RICS Survey 
  • Project Management 
  • RICS Valuations 
  • Architectural Design 
  • Project Management 
  • Schedule of condition reports

Suppose you plan to start a project to build your own house. You have found your land and need to assemble your team behind the project now. In that case, it is essential to know from the outset that you must have each different professional behind the project communicating with all other individuals correctly. Communication can be difficult with new build house projects due to the many professionals from various disciplines and companies involved. However, if you remember this lesson from the outset, your project will have a far greater chance of success, and you will not fall into a common problem that many new build house projects face. 

If you would like us to undertake your project, don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’re happy to discuss your requirements.

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